Michael Fragala, PhD, MBA, RN, WCC, CSPHP, AMS

Category: Air Assisted Lifting Devices, Bed-to-Chair Convertible Devices, Car Transfer Devices, Early Mobility Devices, Ergonomic Bathing/Showering/Toileting Devices, Falls Prevention/Recovery Devices, Friction Reducing Devices, Mobile Lifts, Motorized Beds/Stretchers/Battery-Powered Bed & Wheelchair Pushers, Overhead (Ceiling- and Wall-mounted) Lifts, Patient Care Ergonomic Assessments, Patient Transfer Positioning Devices, Pressure Ulcer Prevention/Management, Sit-to-Stand Assistive Devices, Slings for Patient Lift, SPHM in Design of New and Renovated Facilities, SPHM Program Audits/Evaluations, SPHM Program Consulting, SPHM Training, Subject Matter Experts for legal firms and other organizations
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Contact Email: Micheal.Fragala@joerns.com
Contact Phone: 603-479-0118
Company Website: www.joerns.com
Certified as: CSPHP
Brief Services Description:

Michael Fragala, PhD, MBA, RN, WCC, CSPHP, AMS – After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Nursing program Michael left the floor and has spent the past thirteen years of his career focused on implementation of safe patient handing across the continuum of care.  Specifically, he has worked to assess develop and audit programs based on best practice clinical guidelines to promote positive clinical outcomes.  As a Regional Clinical Direct with Joerns’  Healthcare, Michael partners with national accounts to customize their “Prevent” Program to best suite their objectives.  Though SPH seems to be in his genes Michael has been able to continue the family legacy within his work.  Michael has spoken nationally on the necessity of front line caregivers in program implementation.  He has been contacted to develop continuing education courses in risk management and SPH considerations in wound care of which he presents in partnership with national healthcare group leadership.  He is published for his work in falls management.  In Michael’s spare time he works with multiple universities as a adjunct facility member developing and teaching courses on program management and business ethics.  Michael was a member of ASPHP marketing committee and CSPHP test contributor.  Currently Michael is helping bridge the gap with SPH consideration for wound care, as a participating member of the corporate advisory panel for NPIAP, and member of education and bed egress work groups for the s3i initiative.