Jamar Health Products

Category: Bed-to-Chair Convertible Devices, Car Transfer Devices, Early Mobility Devices, Ergonomic Bathing/Showering/Toileting Devices, Falls Prevention/Recovery Devices, Friction Reducing Devices, Patient Transfer Positioning Devices, Pressure Ulcer Prevention/Management, Sit-to-Stand Assistive Devices, SPHM Training
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Contact Email: patrans@patran.net
Contact Phone: 414-529-5175
Company Website: PATRAN.net
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Brief Services Description:

Jamar Health Products provides a selection of PATRANĀ® slide sheets for use with more than 25 safe patient-handling and mobility tasks. Each PATRAN slide sheet can be used up to 50 times with a single patient.
PATRAN slides sheets reduce caregiver and patient injuries, provide patient comfort, and promote mobility and infection control. Use them anywhere a caregiver moves patients.

PATRAN slide sheets are for use by health care professionals. Made in the USA, PATRAN slide sheets are latex-free, static resistant, MRI safe and radiolucent. PATRAN slide sheets are registered with the Food and Drug Administration and recyclable.
A women-owned small business, Jamar holds a Department of Veterans Affairs federal supply schedule contract.

Jamar is a proud Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP) sponsor. Several staff members are ASPHP and Jamar President Stefanie Scott has earned certification through the organization.