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Category: Air Assisted Lateral Transfer Devices, Air Assisted Lifting Devices, Car Transfer Devices, Early Mobility Devices, Ergonomic Bathing/Showering/Toileting Devices, Falls Prevention/Recovery Devices, Friction Reducing Devices, Hydraulic Gurneys, Mobile Lifts, Motorized Beds/Stretchers/Battery-Powered Bed & Wheelchair Pushers, Overhead (Ceiling- and Wall-mounted) Lifts, Patient Care Ergonomic Assessments, Patient Transfer Positioning Devices, Pressure Ulcer Prevention/Management, Sit-to-Stand Assistive Devices, Slings for Patient Lift
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Contact Phone: 844-321-5438
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lnovi Healthcare was founded in 2017 by a group of highly experienced SPH professionals in partnership with a leading sling manufacturer. We offer outstanding customer service and exceptional value.

lnovi supports major health systems across the country with the broadest sling line, and full complement of ceiling lifts, floor lifts, lateral transfer devices, service and project management support. We serve hospitals along with long-term care facilities, group homes and home owners as customers. One of our keys to success has been our zero-back-order guarantee, which we maintained throughout the pandemic.

lnovi offers a full suite of online and in-person training, along with clinical support and technical support. We pride ourselves on same-day shipments, and have offices in Baltimore, Minneapolis, San Antonio and West Palm Beach.

We are excited to join The Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals and look forward to meeting our peers and at the 2023 spring show in Scottsdale.

Please contact us via our website, email, or call (844) 321-5438.