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As the undisputed leader in turnkey patient video monitoring solutions, CareView is redefining the standard of patient safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. For over a decade, CareView has relentlessly pursued innovative ways to increase patient protection, providing next generation solutions that lower operational costs and foster a culture of safety among patient, staff and hospital leadership.

It’s this always-on dedication to innovation that keeps CareView positioned as the clear leader in predictive fall monitoring now and for years to come.


Anchored by the CareView Patient Safety System, this modular, scalable solution delivers flexible configurations to fit any facility while significantly increasing patient safety and operational savings.

Leveraging CareView’s patented Virtual Bed Rails® and Virtual Chair Rails® predictive technology, the CareView Patient Safety System uses machine learning to differentiate between normal patient movements and behaviors of an at-risk patient. This results in less false alarms, quicker staff interventions and a significant reduction in patient falls.

The CareView Patient Safety System also features the SitterView® Monitoring System, providing a clear picture of up to 40 patient beds. It provides an even clearer picture of workflow, allowing staff to document patient risks and quickly adjust accordingly.

The Patient Safety System incorporates different camera options specifically designed to address clinical needs including behavioral, ICU, and general safety. All configurations feature HD cameras, High-fidelity 2-way audio and LCD displays.  Together, these deliver the ultimate in capability, flexibility and affordability.

The CareView Patient Safety System features a real-time Analytics Dashboard that provides utilization, compliance and outcomes data by day, week, month or quarter. Outcomes are automatically compared to organizational goals to get real-time ROI.

With installations in over 150 hospitals, the CareView Patient Safety System has proven time and again that leveraging innovative technology and creating a culture of patient safety improves patient safety, lowers sitter costs and improves ROI.

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