Design and Manufacture Patients Slings for all North American Ceiling and Floor Lift Systems. We offer safety, comfort and customization on our reusable slings. We also offer Single Patient Use Slings and our new ECO Hybrid Slings. All are manufactured in the USA and offer both loop and clip options. We specialize in slings for patients of size.

Amico Mobility is a leading innovator in the medical industry with a primary focus on safe patient handling. The products are designed to facilitate the clinician to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

Amico’s GoLift is the smallest, most compact patient lift on the market today, weighing only 10lbs and lifting up to 700lbs. Two compact GoLifts in tandem are available to lift patients up to 1000lbs. The capacitive touch hand control, sleek design, and smooth edges allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting, targeting effective infection control. The GoLift is equipped with all state-of-the-art metal gears to ensure durability, safety, and reliability. The intuitive back-up emergency lowering system is operated by pulling the strap, prompting the GoLift to lower as the LED lights on the unit turn red. Additionally, the GoLift can be integrated into the Patient Lift Pendant (PLP) System where a lift track is assembled into a boom arm.

Using this proven design and technology from the GoLift, Amico has created the GoLift Portable450. Similar to the GoLift, the GoLift Portable450 is the lightest and most compact portable ceiling lift on the market today, weighing only 6lbs and lifting up to 450lbs. As a truly portable unit, the GoLift Portable450 can easily be carried from room to room, has controls on the unit, as well as your choice of a wired or wireless hand control. The reacher bar comes in two standard lengths with the option to customize. The emergency lowering system is operated by gently pushing down on the red emergency button.

Ansell is an innovator in high-quality solutions for workplace safety. The SANDEL ® Z-SliderTM patient transfer sheet offers a cost-effective, disposable solution for patient transfer, repositioining and proning. With a variety of point-of-care dispensing options, the Z-Slider patient transfer sheet is conveniently available, helping promote staff compliance.

At Arjo, we are committed to improving the everyday lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. With products and solutions that ensure ergonomic patient handling, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics, and the effective prevention of pressure ulcers and venous thromboembolism, we help professionals across care environments to continually raise the standard of safe and dignified care. Everything we do, we do with people in mind.

Designing, implementing and sustaining an integrated mobility program can be challenging.  Hill-Rom provides a consultative approach to ensure your safe patient handling and mobility program addresses your unique challenges.  Together, we will create a pathway designed to help protect patients while mobilizing earlier and often.

We provide customized consulting to support new and existing Safe Patient Handling and Mobility practices, integration into fall prevention, early mobility, bariatric care, injury reduction, and adoption of the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool.

I have over 12 years of dedicated safe patient handling and mobility experience with an emphasis to providing early and progressive mobility for my patients through an interdisciplinary collaboration with SPHM practices.  I am a certified SPHM professional through the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals.  I have served on the ASPHP Board of Directors 2013-2016 and currently chair the Examination Committee and sit on the Certification Executive Committee for the advancement of SPHM professional credentialing.  I am passionate about the importance of mobilizing patients early and often within a safe and effective manner, and provide solutions to healthcare providers to achieve positive clinical, safety and financial outcomes.

Hill-Rom is a leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the health care industry, including patient support systems, safe mobility and handling solutions, non-invasive therapeutic products, and more. Hill-Rom’s comprehensive product and service offerings are used by health care providers across the health care continuum and around the world in hospitals, extended care facilities and home care settings to enhance the safety and quality of patient care. Everyday there are missed opportunities to mobilize patients, resulting in missed opportunities to enhance outcomes: clinically, financially, and operationally. Hill-Rom can help unlock opportunities with: proven approaches with Hill-Rom clinical programs, sustainable results through practice change, and unmatched support leveraging all that Hill-Rom has to offer. Hill-Rom’s people, products and programs work towards one mission: Every day, around the world, we enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. Visit for more information.


As the undisputed leader in turnkey patient video monitoring solutions, CareView is redefining the standard of patient safety in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. For over a decade, CareView has relentlessly pursued innovative ways to increase patient protection, providing next generation solutions that lower operational costs and foster a culture of safety among patient, staff and hospital leadership.

It’s this always-on dedication to innovation that keeps CareView positioned as the clear leader in predictive fall monitoring now and for years to come.


Anchored by the CareView Patient Safety System, this modular, scalable solution delivers flexible configurations to fit any facility while significantly increasing patient safety and operational savings.

Leveraging CareView’s patented Virtual Bed Rails® and Virtual Chair Rails® predictive technology, the CareView Patient Safety System uses machine learning to differentiate between normal patient movements and behaviors of an at-risk patient. This results in less false alarms, quicker staff interventions and a significant reduction in patient falls.

The CareView Patient Safety System also features the SitterView® Monitoring System, providing a clear picture of up to 40 patient beds. It provides an even clearer picture of workflow, allowing staff to document patient risks and quickly adjust accordingly.

The Patient Safety System incorporates different camera options specifically designed to address clinical needs including behavioral, ICU, and general safety. All configurations feature HD cameras, High-fidelity 2-way audio and LCD displays.  Together, these deliver the ultimate in capability, flexibility and affordability.

The CareView Patient Safety System features a real-time Analytics Dashboard that provides utilization, compliance and outcomes data by day, week, month or quarter. Outcomes are automatically compared to organizational goals to get real-time ROI.

With installations in over 150 hospitals, the CareView Patient Safety System has proven time and again that leveraging innovative technology and creating a culture of patient safety improves patient safety, lowers sitter costs and improves ROI.

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Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP, FAIHA is the practice leader for safe patient handling and mobility at 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. and is a founding member and board member of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP). He is a certified professional ergonomist and certified safe patient handling professional with over 44 years of experience in the safety and health field. He has helped numerous healthcare systems to develop, implement and sustain safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) programs. He was a contributor to the ANA Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Interprofessional National Standards. He has presented at 2 US Congressional Briefings regarding the need for national SPHM legislation. He has worked with the AIHA and OSHA in developing educational materials regarding SPHM.

Guldmann doesn’t just provide you with equipment that makes your job easier. You also get a complete solution designed to match your current needs as well as being well-aligned with the functionality requirements of tomorrow – consistently focused on providing more time for the actual care assignments at the heart of your operations We are specialists in creating more “time to care” in conjunction with lifting and moving requirements across the full spectrum of healthcare environments.

But Guldmann solutions are much more than just effective, non-strenuous ways to lift and move people from A to B.

Our products are designed to be combined, varied and used in a wide range of different ways, paving the way to uniquely effective solutions for tackling virtually all lifting and moving needs. This makes Guldmann solutions a dependable, durable and financially advantageous investment.

Handicare is a global leader committed to innovations that promote independence. We serve individuals limited in mobility as well as facilitate caregivers’ ability to lift and transfer. By manufacturing healthcare products for safe patient handling. We also offer a wide variety of straight and curved stairlifts to fit the many needs of users looking for a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problems of getting up and down the stairs.